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Nowadays, what with the internet and all, you can pretty much pick up “good” (read: adequate) design for free and all over the place. There are templates for EZ, no-bake websites to beat the band. But Twitter’s oddball format doesn’t lend itself to much more than a blurb in terms of customization. That doesn’t mean people won’t maximize that space.

There are also folks butchering the design, but maybe it’s not their fault. Twitter isn’t really designed to be designed — the profiles are mere vanity. You’re looking at them when you tweet, and relying on people to visit them and give you a 3 second verdict to follow or unfollow (coming to NBC this Fall).

Here’s a few interesting specimens we found:

  • HotTweeps – Nothing says quality like improper use of Photoshop’s magic wand.
  • shawnshewchuk – Whoa dude, your logo is like, totally huge.
  • DavidLetterman – Even if Dave approved of Twitter, he’d disapprove of the animated GIF in the profile pic. Careful he doesn’t sue the Worldwide Pants off of you.
  • Now here’s YGrab, who AAAAH, my eyes! Who says you can’t mix orange and blue? Over and over. No repeating backgrounds, ever!
  • Here’s one of zillions of those “gonna put all my info in the rail” designs. Be selective, people.
  • Maybe this isn’t a design thing, maybe it’s just a thing where we haven’t been typing in all caps on the internet for about a decade, but this guy needs to cut it out.
  • If it’s self-indulgence you wish to see, but you’re burnt on celeb tweets, may we suggest Twouchebags? Aside from being a great name for a band or bar, it’s a good resource for, well, people whose behaviors might make cause them to be labeled something rhyming with Twouchebags.

Finally there’s the leeches and remoras of the Twitter landscape, all those “get a zillion followers and die rich!” sites. Funny this is, most of them don’t show their Twitter account names ON their site. Inspired Magazine has a pretty funny roundup of these jokers.

Fugly Friday – Twitter design disasters originally appeared on Download Squad on Fri, 24 Jul 2009 18:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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